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The Process

Texas-Mediation will tailor our services to meet your needs. However, the standard process that we follow is:  


1. Initial consultation (no charge) - Parties meet with a mediator to review the process, ask questions, and determine if the process is right for them.   Parties will then decide if they want legal representation and who will prepare and file the required court documents.


2. Parties complete worksheets provided by the mediator to help them identify their assets, debts, parenting responsibilities, and other issues to be resolved.


3. Mediation session is conducted to develop an agreement that is acceptable to both parties.


4. File initial court documents - The agreed upon party or their attorney will file the Initial Divorce Decree and Waiver of Service.


5. Final Divorce Decree – Following a required 60 day waiting period, the parties will prepare and sign the Final Divorce Decree, which is submitted to the courts for approval.

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