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Texas-Mediation Staff

Jac Irvine
TMCA Credentialed
Advanced Mediator

Jac D. Irvine has a Bachelor's Degree from Tulane University, a Masters in Business Administration from Southern Methodist University, and over 30 years of business experience. Jac realized that he was frequently involved in resolving disputes, both at work and with his volunteer activities. In 2003, he went back to school and received over 200 hours of specialized training in Dispute Resolution and Mediation at Southern Methodist University.   Jac created Texas-Mediation to serve the Dallas / Fort Worth area. In late 2013, he moved to the New Braunfels area to be closer to his children and grandchildren.

Jac has a natural talent for working with parties to resolve differences. His education and vast background enables him to understand complex financial portfolios and emotional family dynamics. He works well with both sides to come to an agreeable solution that both parties find acceptable. Examples of cases mediated by Jac include:


  • Business – Banking

  • Business – Contractual

  • Business – Homeowners Associations

  • Business – Insurance / Damage Settlements

  • Business – Negligence / Fraud

  • Business – Oil and Gas

  • Business – Personal Injury

  • Business – Water Run Off

  • Business – Warranty / Liability


  • Divorce – Initial

  • Divorce – Modifications

  • Divorce – Child Support


In the belief that one should give back to their community, Jac served as an officer in the United States Navy. He was elected to the Keller School District’s Board of Trustees and served for 10 years as member, president, vice-president, and secretary. He has served for 6 years as a board member for the Texas Student Housing Corporation which awards housing scholarships to Texas college students. He has served as president of large and small homeowners associations. He has volunteered as a mediator with the North Texas Dispute Resolution Service in Fort Worth and The Central Texas Dispute Resolution Center in San Marcos.


Ginny Irvine

Office Manager

​Ginny attended Northeast Louisiana University.  She worked for American Airlines in the Inflight Service Department for over 24 years and has excellent organization and communication skills.  She has volunteered with the Keller School District, various Homeowners' Associations, and the Pedernales Electric Scholarship Judging Committee.

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